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Julie Billetter-Dickens

Hi Julie, it's Julie (Nina's coworker)!!

OMG, you done good, he is so adorable, I just want to eat him up! And I mean that...I'm not just saying that because that is what you're suppose to say about babies...HE REALLY IS A CUTIE PIE!!!

And even though I was partial to you naming him Marcus (because the world needs another Julie/Kevin/Marcus combo) I really like the sound of Liam Higgins!

He's precious, enjoy him!!


Rachel Olsen

Absolutely gorgeous! I hope that you are all doing well, and getting as much rest as possible. Enjoy every moment (no matter how tired you are!) Wishing you the best, Rachel

Jessica Marek

Congratulations Julie and Kevin!! Liam is beautiful! I love the name too! Hope you are doing well and getting some rest. Spoil him rotten, no matter what anyone else says! Love you all!! Jessica Marek

Krista Williams

I've been checking the site again and again waiting to hear. He's so beautiful! As are the pictures of course... :) Can't wait to meet him! Krista

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